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  1. Osceola McCarthy Adams
  2. Marguerite Young Alexander
  3. Winona Cargile Alexander
  4. Ethel Cuff Black
  5. Bertha Pitts Campbell
  6. Zepher Chisome Carter
  7. Edna Brown Coleman
  8. Jessie McGuire Dent
  9. Fredericka Chase Dodd
  10. Myra Davis Hemmings
  11. Olive Jones
  12. Jimmie Bugg Middleton
  13. Pauline Oberdorfer Minor
  14. Vashti Turley Murphy
  15. Naomi Sewell Richardson
  16. Mamie Reddy Rose
  17. Eliza Pearl Shippen
  18. Florence Letcher Toms
  19. Ethel Carr Watson
  20. Wertie Blackwell Weaver
  21. Madree Penn White
  22. Edith Motte Young

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