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Ethel Leticia Cuff Black

Soror Ethel Leticia Cuff Black was born to Richard and Leticia Cuff in Wilmington, Delaware. She was educated in the Wilmington Public Schools, Howard University Academy, 1909-1911, Howard University, 1911-1915, and was the first Black teacher in Richmond County, New York.

She was a social studies teacher in New York City Public Schools and Delaware State College, 1922-1930. Founder Black also taught in Sedalia, Missouri; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Washington, D.C. and Trenton, New Jersey.

She married David Horton Black.

Founder Black was a writer and was active in community affairs, especially those emphasizing youth programs.

Ethel Black was a member of the advisory committee to the Special District of Queensboro Tuberculosis and health Association.

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