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Winona Cargile Alexander


Founder Alexander was born in Columbus, Georgia, in June 1893. Upon her graduation from Ballard High school in Macon, Georgia, in 1910, she enrolled at Howard University where she earned a degree, Cum Laude, in 1914.

Soror Alexander taught school in Missouri. She later received a degree from the New York School of Social Work and became the first Black Social Worker in New York. She later worked in Jacksonville, Florida for the Duval County Welfare Board.

In 1921, she was married to Jacksonville attorney Edward L. Alexander. Six children were born from this union.

Although Soror Alexander did not pursue a career following her marriage, she was very active in community affairs and was a member of the Brewster Hospital Board, Secretary- InterRacial Committee , member of various other committees and an Elder in the Presbyterian Church.

She died on October 16, 1984

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